July 5, 2022
The magick of being in the country.  Watching a storm roll in!
The winds pick up!
More winds and then the deluge began.  In this storm we received 3/4 inches rain.
Another storm rolled in but I don’t know the amount.

And there is still more to come!
July 4, 2022

One of the features to enjoy at Rolling Hills Lodge, is the shooting stage.
There is an automatic clay thrower housed under the stage, making the experience go smoother.
Fireworks at the cottage, channeling the ancestors.

I think they enjoyed the shooting stage.
July 3, 2022
There are several rooms that accommodate a group, or family.
Keeping you together or make for easy sharing and giving out a savings.
All rooms at the lodges have private bathrooms.
Even these dorm rooms.

ALL are spacious!

This dorm room sleeps 4 and is located in Timmy’s Lodge.
Reasonably priced!! $300 a night.

This is one of two dorm rooms that sleep three people, found in the Grand Lodge.
July 2, 2022

you just aren’t going to see a sunset like this in the city!
This is where you plan to stay for your trip in or around Platte South Dakota!
Close to the Recreation areas: Platte Creek and Snake Creek to launch your boat or shore fishing.
Head to Dock 44 and shore fish.
They have bait.
Fishing and hunting are not the necessary destinations to bring you here.
Come relax!
Take a hike, sit a spell and enjoy nature.
Plan a get together with your ladies a have a paint and sip.
A guided paint, leaves you with a masterpiece of your own hand.
‘It’s a good time!!
Plan your own ideas of events.
I can help make it happen!
contact Me.

July 1, 2022

The table sign is completed.
Jonna (signs4u) Platte, South Dakota.  Is a superb sign maker!
Jonna changed out the River for Rolling and doesn’t this look amazing!
This greets you at the front counter.


This is a far away image.  
I am paaatttiiently waiting for Chad Phillips to come take pictures that will look a whole lot better than the ones I do.
So excuse the blur.
However, it gives you a perspective of the entire complex.

We we are all in agreement, this place is magical.
As soon as you enter the drive, everything just melts away and calm and tranquility settle on you.

There doesn’t need to BE a destination any further than right here.  With trails to walk or ride your horse, games and many venues to take in, conversation on the verandas, or just plain quiet looking out to nature.
Yet, close to Platte golf course.
Several recreation areas, to enjoy the river and views or launch your boat. Pease Creek, Platte Creek, Snake Creek, Wheeler.
5-15 miles.

This is the place for your experience!
June 30, 2022

So, let’s see if this floor stuff will help this table.
Some of the deep blemish areas I know in only doing a fill on restoration will take them out, and I am okay with leaving them.  This IS over 100 years old so, showing it’s age is part of the game.
The smeared spot’s however, I hope will leave.

After deep cleaning.

The smear is gone!  
A little glarey here but, it’s shiny!!

I think it’s a success and added some life to the table until there is time to restore it!.

thumbs up!
June 29, 2022
Shooting pistols was decided on before the 100 + degrees befell us.

It was a BLAST!
Gathering a selection of pistols to try and practice and for some of us get used to their differing weights.

And blasting the targets
June 28, 2022

Today was a lot of finishing touches.
The cottage will host a reunion this weekend so I wanted to freshen it up for the guests.

We can check this off the list.

Next up, a couple are coming to just spend a few days relaxing.

Walk the trails, do some cooking out, relax around the fire pit, maybe, if the wind cooperates.

Do some shooting!
Off the shooting stage shoot some clays.  Then line up the range and shoot some pistols.

Relax in the saloon.
Sit on the veranda and do a bit of reading.

No agendas, just enjoy the views and vistas.

This place is an experience in itself, there is no need to seek further entertainment.

Then at the days end, enjoy a beautiful sunset.

June 27, 2022
Welcome to Rolling Hills Lodge Ladies.

I had the delightful pleasure hosting these lovely ladies with their meeting today.

These ladies have been nothing less than welcoming and embracing and to us since our move out here 25 years ago.
Over the years, I have enjoyed learning to know each of them!

Meet the Platte Red Hatters!
They toured the buildings and reminisced, as they all were familiar of knew the Steeles personally.  Memories are grand and telling of the stories made for a great afternoon.
They had their meeting and discussed events.
And snack time!
A good time was had by all, come on back anytime! πŸ«ΆπŸΌπŸ’•
June 26, 2022
ATranquil wind down.
‘It’s kennel night.  Rinse the kennels and fresh water.  Every other night, unless really hot.
‘Then their hike.  It was getting fairly dark.  The days are getting noticeably shorter!
Today I finished the west side.
‘This is really a good product!
The tiles do not photograph well but, they look new!
These floors however, look amazing!

I am really glad they are far away from the lobby!.  It is that noticeable, the difference.

All set up for the Red Hat Ladies visit tomorrow πŸ˜ƒ
I understand it’s a larger than normal group 😁

Oh you will hear all about it!
June 25, 2022
In addition to amazing scenic views and awesome sky, there are trails!
Get your walk on!
June 24, 2022
Today I cleaned up the image I will be using on clothing and caps.
The, I finished washing the tile in the hall to the west side and tomorrow will be putting the laminate process on some of the floors 2 time and the tile once.
Thats a big afternoon!

This picture is of the oncoming storm we are hoping to get.
Rain is needed.
New Logo
June 23, 2022
If you recall, The Stagecoach Gallery re-located to Rolling Hills Lodge, Platte South Dakota.
Near the Platte Creek, Snake Creek and Missouri River

All that you could do when Stagecoach was on Main Street, we do here now.  Additionally, we offer the paint and sips right here, instead of trying to find a place large enough to host us.

Classes are still very popular.
Today was class day and we are working on our final project.

She will begin here next session.
great start though!

in progress

Contemplating how she wants to lay out her design
June 22, 2022
I don’t generally operate like a squirrel, scattering project to project.
‘I am waiting for the correct tools to arrive to apply the floor products properly.  I achieved such wonderful results make shifting my tools, I can only imagine the results with proper tools.
So, to not idle on, I move on to some of the other things on the list.
Beginning with the kitchen!
I spent all day just cleaning on 2 areas.
The dishwasher and the prep table.
Hobart still needs polishing but, the scale is gone.
So, it was a big day!

This kitchen was left as a challenge, that is being conquered!
I did find that this floor cleaning product, helps melt the stuck on food and grime.  Which was exciting!

So many uses from this amazing product!!
June 21, 2022
By now, I think you have a pretty good idea that I am doing the after you get things cleaned, cleaning.  
The deeper clean.  

The floors are still a work in progress.  Since I couldn’t get into that project today I worked on A project just the same.

Cleaning the fabric on the fabric furnishings.  
Not just because they are dingy, but for sanitary reasons.  
I like to clean them inbetween groups.
I haven’t come across a product like this though.  

Super easy, just spray it on and with a damp microfiber cloth lift the layer off.
Feels soft, and has zero smell, so I am thinking it must be the scent of true clean.
look how much brighter though and in just one application!  

The top is the part cleaned and the bottom is the before cleaned.
Visibly brighter!!

Good stuff.

A super clean lodging experience, just a few miles from fishing and hunting and just getting away!

Rolling Hills Lodge, the whole experience is good for your health!
June 20, 2022
Let’s talk some more about these floors!
I did the little hall of tile to see the results.
The pictures just do not show how pleasing they look.

Side by side, the right is just cleaned tile.  The left repolished.
I finished the west wing wood floors, just 1 application.
after I finishe the tiles, I will do the second application and be finished the west wing.
The lobby is next but, it’s next week when I have 3 days I can do them.
‘Coming along nicely though!!
June 19, 2022
Let’s talk about floors!
This floor is old old.  it’s lost it’s shine, is not easy to keep clean anymore like when new.
‘Something needed to be done.

I went searching and I found a product that had great reviews.  So I am trying it.

The first step is using its cleaner, which I think also strips any remaining product from the floor.
It has a very clean scent and did it ever remove things.
Super easy product, just spray it on, use the scrubber pad and wipe with a microfiber damp cloth.
Keep cleaning out the rag.
Then dry and part 2.

As you can see the difference once part 2 is being applied.

The drying area stayed this shiny!
The finished test floor…DRY !
I am totally challenged in deciding what to show you as a comparison but, the right side of the floor is the clean and re-laminated floor.
The left is yellowed and dingy.

LOVE this product.

Two coats and it will wear like a new floor and be very easy to keep up with.

You know how first impressions are.
Rolling Hills is going to give great face on first impressions when all my floors are completed!

ALL floor surfaces are usable for this stuff, the tile too!

And no chemical smell!!
Just clean smell and look πŸ˜ƒ
June 18, 2022
Such a beautiful plant!
Ymkers annex, here up the road on hwy 44 close to Platte Creek bridge, has the most beautiful selections.
‘Today we have fierce hot winds and high temperatures.
My plants are looking pitiful.

They are little sentries though, greeting you as you pull into Rolling Hills Lodge.
Welcoming you to enjoy nature.
To enjoy your friends and family you are gathering with.
To gather around the fire pit and enjoy conversation!

Slow down, come and enjoy a spell.  You will be happy you have!
June 17, 2022
Happy joined us this morning for our office meeting.
As we divided up chores,
Happy enjoyed filling us in on her first week with JoJo.
She says motherhood is exhausting!  
she is so glad she has Melanie to help her.  They trade off watching each other’s child.
Its almost time for Pheasant hatchlings πŸ˜ƒ

A lot happens around these sprawling hills and woods.  The winding creeks, amazing sky.
‘The venues are spectacular out here on Rolling Hills Lodge captivating nature areas.
‘I see it everyday and it’s still amazing to me!
And so close to everything!
Snake Creek, the docks at 44,
and just 3 miles from shopping in town!
Make your plans!

Your retreat, The wedding, A getaway of peaceful bliss.
Hiking trails, or just rocker sitting reading a book.
Come on out!

June 16, 2022
They are beginning to arrive.
First on the agenda is a meet and greet for the fishers and their guides.

Tomorrow, they fish!
Its going to be a nice day!!

They all agreed, Rolling Hills Lodge is THE place to stay!!

Come be our guest πŸ˜ƒ
June 15, 2022
The Stable/Kennel.
Lets discuss this special section of Rolling Hills Lodge, Platte, South Dakota.  If you look past the buildings you can see a fenced pasture growing wheat grass hay.  A nice snack for horses.  Yes!  Horses are welcome here.  Plenty of room for easy trailer turn around.
‘So, let’s say you are on your way to the Rodeo in Wyoming, you now have a stopping point with Horse accommodation and a super comfortable stay for yourself and team. πŸ˜ƒ
East and West wings of this large barn are stalls.
Easy to tend to your animal and there are plentiful trails for exercising your animal with safe grazing!
The outside stalls as you see, are plenty large.  The kennels have the outside run, with a fenced yard.  They sleep inside.
The inside of kennel hall, houses a room for the k-9.  Place their bedding Inside, yet the floors ARE heated.  The lid lift and lock with a wall hook, should you need to treat your animal or want to visit.
Should they become extra messy or skunked, we have the bath option.  Clean up is easy, it’s a nice height, human friendly.
water is warm!
No stable is complete with out living space.  Isn’t this just awesome.  Yeah, don’t get attached, it’s spoken for.
As special as we treat the human we have the critters covered too.  Not too many places that I am aware of, who will help you with your Horses stay.  And the digs for the dog is heaven, spoiled  might be a problem when they leave Rolling Hills Lodge.
The trails you can ride your horse through, meander over gentle hills wrapped with creeks.  Beginning with Edgerton Creek that spills into Platte Creek and then spills into the Missouri River.
Always a joy when the creeks are flowing.
awesome scenery!
Wonderful skies, smattered with wildlife.  
Bring the camera!
Happy stopped to tell me about her baby, she had the other day.
‘She is doing fine and notice, she has her girlish figure back!
June 14, 2022
Today’s task was to finish a few plants to welcome the fron for guest.  These are completed and are in front of the Grand Lodge at the Stagecoach Gallery end.
I was going for a bit of height and I needed something that will trail up the trellis.
At Ymkers, the Platte annex nursery, Deb Foxley, as helpful as always, found and put together this beautiful ensemble.  I love it!
it fills the space perfectly!
Here you can see what I began with, pretty nekked!!
This beautiful pot spoke loudly to me as I passed and followed me home.  My first inclination was to place it in the courtyard but, it finishes off the west end porch so nicely.

In-between booking rooms and planting, that became the day!

A mighty fine day at Rolling Hills Lodge in the quiet country setting just outside of Platte, South Dakota.  A rolling Creek, Edgerton, runs into Platte Creek and then into the Missouri River.  Affording lovely peaceful countryside views.
Tranquil and close to so much to do!
Walleye Fishing, look up the tournament’s yet for the summer on the Chamber page.  Or, call Platte Chamber directly.  The ladies are very helpful with information.

Rolling Hills is always ready to book your trip. Come be our guest.
Join the others who are so happy they did!

Have a Good evening 😁
June 13, 2022
Entry one, June 13, 2022
I am beginning this blog so you might follow along with the daily activities and pondering here at Rolling Hills Lodge.  Located near Platte Creek just outside of the town in Platte South Dakota.
Close to the Missouri River by 15 miles where some of the best Walleye Fishing occurs!

We have sprawling grounds that are laid out for cover to give the native animals a place to live and eat.

Nature lovers will have picturesque venues for watching the nature creatures and events.
Bring the camera!

On the grounds is Chopper woods where Happy, the mamma deer, had her baby on Chopper corner.

Baby is my first entry on the blog.
Hoping you will follow along.

There will be pictures of the grounds and nature events such as, sunrises and sunsets.
Events such as, trap shooting from the gallery stage.
Replacing windows in the Grand Lodge.
Or musing to something that might be next such as, opening the Industrial Kitchen and dining room as a restaurant 2 or 3 nights a week, more on this as its seed grows in my mind.

If you would, anytime I project these thoughts and plans, think about some of the projects and give me some input!

Thank you for listening. πŸ˜ƒ