The Grand Lodge

The lobby serves to greet you, the guest, and serves as an extension of the dining room.

Using the Grand Lodge for an event that offers dancing, move the furniture to the side, dance floor!

The main Lodge offers a room next to a handicapped bathroom.
‘Additionally there is a layman's bathroom in the room, leaving the bathroom on its own and accessible to handicapped who may be residing in another room.
‘The handicap bathroom has a hall door as well.

1 of 5 queen beds at the west end of the main lodge.
‘All the other rooms look the same with the same sized bathroom and layout.
single queen
Another of the queen rooms at the west side of the main lodge.
mix of queen and full
Two rooms like this in the main lodge.
‘They have a mix of full and queen beds to make up 3 big beds.  Perfect for the group of hunters of fishermen looking for a reasonably split room.
‘Large private bathroom.

Also a great option for a small family.
queen and twin
The handicap bathroom boast a roll in shower.
‘Nice spacious room, for easy rolling to all the fixtures.  Plus plenty of room for the helper, if needed.

An aside, nowhere in the complex of bathrooms, 
Or House
is a tub.  ALL showers.
handicapped bathroom